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What are your recent money wins and fails? And what do you think I should do on the house?
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Budget Girl

28 Replies to “My $700 Car Repair & Skyrocketing Rent – 5 Frugal Things?”

  1. Since you are going to buy your own apartment anyway, I think it is a waste of time and energy trying to find new apartment for a short period of time. You've been very lucky to have this nice apartment for two years for far bellow the market rent value. In your place I would've tried to sign for 6 months at this new rent (I don't think they would mind because they profit more from B&B) and invest all of my time and energy into finding a good home to buy. Good luck!

  2. I would try and negotiate the percentage. Tell them the rate they offered is 30% more and you would feel more comfortable at 20%. Don't come at them with a dollar amount but focus on the percentage and 'maybe' they will be swayed. It's worth a shot.

  3. $895 wouldn't get you a bachelor suite in Greater Vancouver BC. It sounds like still a very cheap rent. Two bedrooms here are about $1800/month. Your rent doesn't sound too bad to me.

  4. Don't rush into purchasing a property due to this. Also take into consideration moving expenses and also what the ACTUAL market rate is for an apartment of that size and also factor that in to make sure moving into a different apartment would even be worth it (let's say, first/last/security/moving expenses = 2k, and lets say the market rate for an apartment of that size and location is actually 765); you would actually be at a net loss if you moved).

  5. Stay there one more year. You lived there for 2+ years at below market price already. Now you have an extra person using more water and elctricity. It all evens out. And it gives your turtle thinking more time to find a place of your dreams.

  6. Don't you live with your boyfriend? Then it's still less expensive than living alone (with or without a rent increase). Thought you had all this emergency fund saved up? Then use it for the car repair and rent vs. whining. No one really cares about someone else's finances.

  7. 30% increase is a lot however, I agree with two people, two dogs, and in a university town rents will be high. With you and your boyfriend splitting it and with your new budgeting plans it won't be so bad. By looking @ the comments it appears the landlord had given you an awesome deal for a while.

    WOW FREE Insurance ! Good for you ! See, the price increases on one item but decreases on another – what a blessing

  8. I know the BCS rent is outrageous in many places. I think 2 weeks is a bit quick to make a decision. I agree with you about seeing if they will give you more time to decide. But if you don't want to be locked in for another year. I would start looking at duplexes to see what is out there. With you being more conservative with making that decision, there may not be the absolute perfect time(and you know that). You are a smart girl! P.S. Let's not talk about game day traffic.

  9. We live just a three to four hour drive south from College Station. A one bedroom apt in our town of 60,000 runs $1000 to $1200 per month. Extend the lease and count your blessings.

  10. Sounds like you might get a side hustle for extra money for a year and look for a wonderful condo you LOVE. Don't make a quick purchase. Been there and done that and not happy.

  11. So jealous of your rent costs!!! Where is this area? I live in South Florida and minimum of 1350 to 1700 a month for a 1BR! I need to move!
    Sorry to say but I don't get the "sooner than you wanted to buy", as awareness of the end of the lease was in plain writing and you got an awesome deal for a couple of years and know that. Sounds like there should of been talk about this long before lease end!

  12. I would consider the rent thing a total win! I mean you lived there for 2.5 30% less than you would anywhere else. You got super lucky! The increase isn’t all that much considering what you make and your situation. I would sign a lease and continue looking for something to purchase. Moving is a pain and is expensive. Not worth it if you plan on purchasing soon.

  13. I think it would be a good idea to reup the lease and take that year to kick it into high gear saving/looking for your next home. I think you'd feel better about not rushing. On top of the deposit, keep in mind that it's smart to have 20% of the home's value set aside for maintenance, repairs, and unforeseen emergencies. The loss you'll take with the rent increase will be worth the peace of mind to really look around and to be confident in your next move. Good luck!!

  14. They are doing you a favor, so move along. Buying a property will at least give you tax advantages and possibly rental income. AirBandBs? Move away from them as soon as possible unless you want to set up and manage constant turnovers and deal with local laws. For peace and quiet, I would focus every dollar on a private house as your first purchase. If you're looking for memorable experiences, get another dog not a bunch of tenants.

  15. You have a lot on your plate. This could be a blessing in disguise. Go look at places to buy. You never know… you may find a great duplex. Banks will work with you….they want your business. A rent increase of $250 is outrageous. Plus you'll have moving expenses if you choose to rent again somewhere else. You can't really make a decision until you search whole heartedly for a duplex. If you find one that meets all your requirements then you'll know to buy it. If you find nothing then you'll know to sign the new rate hike lease. I don't think you'll be happy moving into a less expensive, smaller apartment. It'll all work out. All the best. Looking forward to hearing about your duplex searches and your decision.

  16. I’d stay especially if you are planning on buying within a year. No need to move then move again. That’s a lot of moving. See if you can add a clause into your lease where you can break your lease without penalty if you purchase a property or find a new tenant. Or just take the time to save a larger down payment 😀

  17. Stay where you are. Do not consider buying because of the rent hike. Take your time to buy. It's way too big a deal to buy somewhere in a hurry. The rent increase is doable between you. Give yourself breathing space and another 12 months to prepare yourself to buy. Good luck 😊

  18. I’m in a bit of an apartment snag myself. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I received a notice that my rent was increasing as well. I went from paying $850 in one apartment to where I am now. I now pay $1500 a month and really can’t stand the thought of giving more than that amount. I’ve been looking to purchase a home for the past year and a half and I have not had much luck. My lease is up at the end of March and I just don’t know what to do. Affordable units seem to not exist here in the city unless you qualify for a special program or share an apartment with a bunch of roommates.

  19. I will still try and negotiate the price. She knows you wont trash the place vs air bnb people who occasionally do. Worst case scenario she says no. Also I would ask for a shorter lease. Or.. how much to break the lease if you find your dream home? Or negotiate month to month lease. In philly if you dont sign a new lease(no rent increase) most land lords go to month to month. You or landlord only require 30 days to vacate.

  20. You are very smart with your money I’m sure you will make the right decision after you speak to the landlord 😊

    I have a question maybe you or your viewers could help me with…
    On baby step# 2
    I just started a part time job.
    I would like to payoff the remaining $10G’s with that extra money as I continue to work on my regular baby step 2. So what are your thoughts?

    Also I have $3G’s that I saved up for my daughter in case she needed a newer car. Should I use that to jump start paying off my car and replenish the $3G later?

    My monthly car payment is almost 1/2 of one of my checks it would free up so much to tackle my baby step once I get rid of car payment. Tried to sell car last year but no takers.
    Thank you 😊

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