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Mark Patey

46 Replies to “Cheap Dent Repair Trick”

  1. Not too effective on larger dents or with creases in the dent. For similar ones where you can access from the rear (as in a truck bed) a deflated basketball can be inserted and slowly inflated (small 12v air compressor with inflator needle) along with the wrist bump Mark used. Depending on severity, it can produce same/similar results, then you can get some exercise playing ball.

  2. Wow! If that isn't a trick of the trade I don't know what is!!
    I have one question, would a conventional air compressor set to high pressure with a blow gun trigger work as well as the compressed air cans??

  3. Great video! Thank you for taking the time to share the process involved. I have had many similar small imperfection dents and scratches in my vehicles in the past (Disclaimer: not always my fault 🙂 ) and every place I took my vehicle it was $500 to repair! In fact, I think I will try your process to take a small dent out of my car that was hit by a bottle rocket last year on New Years Eve…..hit the back right quarter of my car…bottle rocket still sitting on top of my car with burnt gun powder across the trunk and back window the next morning. Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!

  4. You need a dual action polisher to do it right with an orange foam pad with a good compound then use a good polisher. Most auto paint supply shops will put the trucks color code in a rattle can for $25.00 and they will sell a rattle can clear coat called SprayMax for $25.00.

  5. I am happy for you. I am hurting right now with a dent and a deep scratch in the centre of the dent on my new car. I took out a policy for AUD500 when I bought this car which offers an on-site repair for AUD50 for each minor repair. The dent itself is small but noticeable. I got a repair technician out this morning but he said he could not fix the dent and that I would have the whole door repainted in the workshop, which is very expensive. He went over the deep scratch with a touch up paint, no putty filler, which I could have done myself. Very poor job. Paid $50. I love my car and it hurts when I look at the damage.

  6. Hey Mark! First of all, you are awesome dude! I love your enthusiasm and energy, keep it up, keep up the good vids!

    Got a question to you – I wanted to buy a gear up or somehow crashed plane, and fix it up myself. Im pretty handy mechanically, but will need to convert it to experimental like you did with Wilga (im not a&p)
    How hard is to convert certified to experimental?

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