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How to easily fix a broken exhaust pipe without disassembly. Exhaust pipe repair with a Holts Gun Gum flexiwrap bandage.

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42 Replies to “Broken exhaust pipe repair (easy repair WITHOUT DISMANTLING)”

  1. Reading many better recos for beer cans. Better than video's potsticker paste LoL. In 70s-80s, steel Campbell soup cans + clamps worked for 1yr, substitute for $400
    dual exhaust-resonator systems on 66 Tbird 390 and 70 Bonneville 455. The cars were only worth a few hundred bucks. Several hundred pints of soup, now unfortunately I have high BP

  2. He’s under the car for an hour then waits 24 hrs. That flex pipe is about 20 bucks on eBay. Another 20 for two clamps. An hour to replace it for a permanent fix. How much was the “paste” $25? Got a week end out if maybe? Minus all day Saturday for the repair so he got a day? Funny stuff.

  3. Save your money. Years ago on clutch job had cut exhaust. I used beer can with top & bottom cut off & 2 water hose clamps on pick-up tk. I used that for years only replacing blow out can ever few months. Until finally putting new dual exhaust on it. True story.

  4. It need a piece of pipe welded on. Whatever this fix is is in adequate. I needed to buy a new flex pipe. It required 7 welds at a garage up on a hoist by mechanics. Cost me $200.00. No way around it. I have muffler cement and I'll crawl under my car to fix holes and seperations of my exhaust pipes and mufflers. Maybe tape and metal can too. I dunno. Jerry rig is this DYIers fix.
    The question is risk/reward.

  5. All this shortcuts always make you disappointed and then you have to do it again. And here in Sweden they measure how much shit you pollute the air with so no shortcuts here.

  6. This looks like something I would have tried when I was 18, had no money, and knew absolutely nothing about cars. Maybe next time try some gorilla glue. Lol. There's obviously a leak in the flex pipe itself. Until motor mounts are replaced it will probably shake the whole car apart.

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